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Boiler Service, Boiler Maintenance

Boiler Service and Boiler Maintance

Most manufacturers recommend their boilers be serviced regularly this is to ensure they are working efficiently and not making your energy bills unnecessarily high. To prolong the life of the boiler by making sure its not working too hard and the components are not wearing out prematurely.
Also a annual boiler service is recommended to ensure it is functioning safely. Additional its also good to have an engineer insure that it has be installed correctly and safely

Different boilers have different service requirements, but most will require the heat exchanger to be cleaned, seals and gaskets to be checked and where necessary replaced, that the condence trap if its a condencing boiler is free from debris and most importantly that the safety features on the boiler are working as they should. That the flue is clear of any obstructions

Call on 020 3529 3563 for a boiler service

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